Epic Sports Academy

Here's The Low Down!

Mission Statement



Epic Sports Academy is built on the foundation that all campers should have an amazing camp experience regardless of their gender, age or athletic ability.  

Epic Sports Academy focuses on building character and emphasizes playing with spirit, playing with pride and playing for fun. Our goal is to ensure that each camper has an amazing experience participating in all the different sports, games and activities in a safe environment.  When a camper leaves Epic Sports Academy, they will have improved their skills, developed more self-confidence, while having fun!   

A Typical Day at ESA



"Skills and Thrills!" Camp

9:00 a.m.- Welcome 

9:05 a.m.- Check-in 

9:10 a.m.- Introductions, quote of the day, daily overview, stretches, warm-up game 

9:20 a.m.- Introduce "skill of the day" (SOD) 

9:25 a.m.- Separate into groups 

9:30-10:30 a.m.- Develop skills and play games 

1. Soccer (7- 9 year olds) 

2. Flag Football (10 -13 year olds) 

10:30 a.m.- Water and snack break (provided)

 10:45 a.m.- Develop skills and play games 

1. Soccer (10-13 year olds) 

2. Flag Football (7-9 year olds) 

11:45 a.m.- Small sided scrimmage

 12:00 p.m.- Lunch

 12:30 p.m.- Walk to pool 

12:45- 2:00 p.m.- Swimming 

2:15 p.m.- Walk back to ESA 

2:30 p.m.- Water break 

2:40 p.m.- Free time in the gym 

2:55 p.m.- "Daily Award Presentations" and "Way Oh" song.

 3:00 p.m.- Parents pick up campers

Campers and Parents Love ESA!



"E.S.A is one of the best things I do during the summer and I look forward to going all year. I'm already looking forward to next year! When it's camp week, I never want the day to end, it is so much fun. The pool, the games, the awards...I love every single thing about E.S.A.! It's the perfect camp for a sports guy like me!"
(DJ-age 8)

"I liked playing all of the sports. The camp awards were cool and soccer was my favourite sport!"
(Mettao-age 8)

"Epic Sports Academy summer camps are highly-charged themed day camps that have allowed my children to learn through direct, hands-on experiences with energetic and athletic counsellors.  The counsellors are highly qualified individuals who are extremely organized and their first concern is about performing all activities in a safe manner. I highly recommend Epic Sports Academy to boys and girls of all ages."
(Kim - Parent)

"Epic Sports Academy is the best bang for your buck sports camp ever! My kids have been in this camp for two years now and they love it. High energy games under the direction of qualified instructors with safety and fun in mind. Equally important, I'm left with just the perfect time to play 18 holes of golf. Epic Sports Academy, truly an "Epic" summer camp!"


Smokin' Deals



1. A $30 discount off your total family cost for families with 2 or more children attending in the same week.
2. Sign up for more than one camp and receive $25 off your total family cost.
3. Bring a friend to camp and receive $20 off your total individual cost. 

4. ESA Bucks: $20 discount coupon for past camp attendees.  

ESA Highlights




1.    Positive atmosphere.
2.    Safe and clean facilities.
3.    Low camper to coach ratio.
4.    Qualified instructors.
5.    All sports equipment supplied.
6.    One daily snack provided for each camper.
7.  ESA Friday Award Presentation.
8.    Swimming. Each camper will have a daily swim supervised by first aid certified lifeguards.
9.    A cool ESA Camp T-Shirt for each camper.

10. A "Gripper Frisbee." 

("Game On!" Camp only)

11. A "Spalding TF-150 Performance Basketball" for each camper.

("Skills and Thrills!" Camp only)
12.  Our famous "Epic Sun Freezies." Yummy freezies with an assortment of exciting flavours to choose from, will be served at least twice a week.
13.  Theme Days: Tacky Shorts Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day,  Best Tattoo Day, and Wacky Socks Day.

("Game On!" Camp only)

14. Pizza Party Friday: a yummy pizza lunch provided for each camper.

15. Parent-Camper Game. ("Game On!" Camp only)

16. Staff-Camper Game. ("Skills and Thrills!" Camp only)

17.  Daily MEP Awards for Most "Epic" Performance.
*You could win a $50 Boston Pizza Gift Card when you sign up for a camp. (one draw per camper)





Got Questions? We Got Answers!




ESA Questions
Parents and Campers: The following are commonly asked questions at ESA
1. Can parents watch and visit?
Yes, you are welcome to visit or share lunch anytime.
2. What does a typical "Epic" day look like?
*There will be a theme each of the days ("Game On!" Camp only)and specific athletic activities.
3. What are the camp hours?
The camp hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. 

*Doors open each day at 8:45 a.m.
*All campers must be picked up at 3 pm
4. How does pick up and drop off work? Where is the camp located?
A. You must sign in and sign out your camper daily, no exceptions! This is for the safety of your child. Thank-you for your anticipated patience during this process.
B. The camp addresses are: 

Highland Park Elementary School (HPE), 3200 Wood Ave., Armstrong, B.C.
South Broadview Elementary School (SBE), 3200 6th Ave. NE., Salmon Arm, B.C.
*Camps at  HPE ( "Game On!" Camp and"Skills and Thrills!" Camp)  
*Camps at SBE ("Game On!" Camp" and Skills and Thrills"! Camp)
5. What do I bring to camp?
A healthy lunch each day (Monday-Thursday), with lots of liquids and snacks. Shorts, t-shirt, non-marking running shoes, hat, water, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen (we find it easier if you put it on prior to coming to camp). Bring extra to camp if needed. Bring a bag to carry everything in and please label all clothes, towels and other important items.

*A pizza lunch will be provided for each camper on the Friday of each camp.   

*Electronics and money are not allowed at ESA
6. Camp clothes.
*We encourage campers to wear their camp t-shirts each day of the camp.
7. Is swimming each day?
We offer a daily swim each afternoon at the local pool. Certified lifeguards are supervising all campers at all times. Campers (age 6), need to stay in the shallow end, where they can touch. They are required to wear a life jacket and will be accompanied by an ESA instructor. 

8. Is release of liability, waiver of claims and photos/testimonials/waiver release needed?
Yes. This is needed to be filled out and signed prior to your son/daughter attending the camp. You may Agree or Disagree to permit Epic Sports Academy to use your son/daughter in photograph, digital or electronic form in publications, posters, brochures, websites and other media.
9. Missed a day? Going to miss a day?
A. If your camper misses a day without notifying ESA prior to the camp start date, there is no refund.
B. If your camper is going to be missing a day, notify ESA prior to the camp start date and your camper's camp cost will be prorated.
* There will be no refunds for missed days after the camp start date.
10. What if my son/daughter misbehaves?
If your son/daughter is asked to leave for misbehaving, no refund will be given. A positive attitude and good sportsmanship need to be followed at Epic Sports Academy.