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About Epic Sports Academy

Starting in 2013, Epic Sports Academy (ESA), has grown into the Okanagan's premier sports camp provider, offering week long summer camps and a wide variety of traditional camp activities. ESA camps run each summer for boys and girls ages 7-13 years old. ESA is one of the most complete and detailed sports programs in the Okanagan, providing a fun and safe experience for each camper who attends. ESA is a camp trusted by parents and loved by all kids who attend! ESA is proud to be celebrating their 7th Anniversary! 

Mission Statement

Epic Sports Academy is built on the foundation that all campers should have an amazing camp experience regardless of their gender, age or athletic ability.  

Epic Sports Academy focuses on building character and emphasizes playing with spirit, playing with pride and playing for fun. Our goal is to ensure that each camper has an amazing experience participating in all the different sports, games and activities in a safe environment.  When a camper leaves Epic Sports Academy, they will have improved their skills, developed more self-confidence, while having fun! 


 Our focus is to provide sports activities that are fun and positive, which reinforce a healthy and active lifestyle for all participants. 


Epic Sports Academy was founded 7 years ago by Gregg and Michelle Nicholson. Since it began, ESA has been one of the Okanagan's premier sports camps, catering to boys and girls ages 7-13, where sports, games, and exciting activities fulfill each day. ESA is a family oriented sports camp, where each camper is made to feel like coming to camp is like their second home. ESA is one of the most detailed and inclusive sports programs, emphasizing each day at camp the importance of respect, teamwork, confidence, honesty, self- esteem, sportsmanship and having fun. You do not have to be a “great athlete” to love Epic Sports Academy. 



Mr. Nick (B.Ed., B.P.E.)

As director of ESA, Mr. Nick believes in a "fun approach to learning skills" and is therefore involved in all areas of the camps, greeting and working with each camper each day, helping them improve on their skills and using lots of humour, to make sure they have an awesome camp experience. Mr. Nick has been teaching and coaching at the elementary and middle school levels for 28 years. He is currently teaching at Len Wood Middle School in Armstrong, BC.  Mr. Nick has coached many school teams over the years, including: volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country and track and field and has coached both the Grade 6/7 Boys and Girls Basketball Teams to "District Championships." He is fun, enthusiastic and loves what he does and he enjoys building each camper's self-confidence through respect, honesty and kindness. Sports should be fun and that's exactly what Mr. Nick role models at each camp. 

Mrs. Nick (B.Ed.)

 Mrs. Nick is involved in all aspects of the camps on a daily basis, working with each camper to ensure that they have the best possible camp experience. Mrs. Nick is so knowledgable with the sports she is involved in and always makes sure that each camper's happiness is a priority each day.  Mrs. Nick has been teaching at the elementary level for 28 years and is currently teaching at Armstrong Elementary School in Armstrong, BC. She has been involved in sports her whole life, with badminton and fast pitch being her main two sports. Mrs. Nick is helpful, fun and energetic and is a positive role model for all camp participants. Her expertise, dedication and humour allows every camper to succeed. 


 ESA hires well trained, motivated, and energetic coaches, teachers and athletes in the community who have a passion for working with kids. They love what they do and this inspires each and every camper. The entire ESA staff are fun, enthusiastic and dedicated to what they do. They enjoy helping each camper build character through teaching them compassion, respect, honesty and kindness toward their teammates, as well as their opponents. 

Camp Awards

At ESA, we like to give out daily "Theme Day" awards and a "Participation Award" to each camper on the last day of the camp. We find this creates a non-competitive environment and helps build each camper's confidence and interest in sports in the future. 

*"Theme Day" awards given out to campers attending the "Game On!" Camp only.

 Epic Sports Academy Contact Information:

 Website: www.epic-sports-academy.com 

  Email: info@epic-sports-academy.com

  Phone: 250-503-6661 

  Camp Office: 4109 34th St, Vernon, BC, Canada, V1T 5Y3 

We look forward to seeing your son/daughter at one of our camps this summer. They are going to have a BLAST! 


Gregg Nicholson     

ESA Director 

Epic Sports Academy 

Est. 2013



"Lovin' Every Minute Of It!"